• Certain Dri AM, 2.5 oz roll-on

    Anti Monkey Butt

  • $9.50

  • Description

    Scented Roll-On Underarm Refresher Every Day Freshness Deodorant Protection To be used with Certain Dri® Anti-Perspirant. Certain Dri A.M.TM Underarm Refresher has been specially formulated as an addition to Certain Dri Anti-Perspirant to provide all day freshness every day. Its special odor control system delivers additional all day deodorant protection when used with Certain Dri Anti-Perspirant. If you suffer from excessive perspiration, The Certain Dri Protection SystemTM offers complete underarm security and confidence under all situations. Guaranteed Satisfaction - This product is guaranteed to give you superior satisfaction when used as directed. If you are not completely satisfied send the purchase receipt to the address on the box for a full refund.

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