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    If you are attracted to sky-blue, this is the candle for you. The candle?s beautiful sky blue color is also the color of the throat chakra, also known as the Vishuddha (vi-SHOO-da). Listening, laughing, speaking, singing, and chanting are all centered here. Recommended exercise to strengthen this vibrating chakra is singing and chanting. You might like to try either mantras or kirtan. Click on this link for further information about mantras and for information about kirtan/chanting. The throat chakra is associated with your upper lungs, bronchioles, esophagus, trachea, vocal chords, throat, thyroid, neck, ears, and arms. Therefore a blocked throat chakra shows up as a chronic sore throat, gum difficulties, TMJ, mouth ulcers, scoliosis, swollen glands, and thyroid problems. The sky and water hold the clues to balancing this chakra. Meditation on clear blue skies, serene blue waters, or best yet the sky reflected in water are balancing techniques. Indoors you could look at photos or pictures of endless sky especially while listening to wave sounds to enhance your meditations. The scents of neroli, sage, and eucalyptus are particularly beneficial to the throat chakra. Crystal Journey Candles has infused their throat chakra candle with these essential oils. Neroli is a scent to calm you, while sage loosens tensions held in the throat. Eucalyptus both clears and widens the chakra, thus giving you a naturalness to your communications. There are gemstones that enhance the throat chakra, and planets and zodiac signs associated with it. Information about this and more is available on the candle?s wrapper. We think you?ll find burning this candle enhances your meditation as well as relaxing you. ? The power of the spoken word resides in the throat chakra. Here you?ll find your ability to express yourself, to give voice to your truth, and to speak out. Sound, vibration, and rhythm are used to open this chakra. Consume fresh juices, water, fruit teas, lemon grass, and

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