• CHEESECLOTH HIC (126 x 36 )

    Harold Import Company, Inc.

  • $9.68

  • Description

    "HAROLD IMPORT" EXTRA FINE CHEESE CLOTH I found a great many uses for this finely woven cheesecloth. It's excellent for lining a colander or a sieve and straining soup stocks or sauces. Or use it to make homemade soft cheeses, such as Indian paneer or Italian mascarpone, or the rich French dessert Coeur à la crème. Cut into smaller squares, it wraps bundles of herbs to create a bouquet garni you can toss into your soup pot and easily retrieve later. Highlights:- Ideal for Coeur a la crème! Use to strain soups, stews, gravy and more Great cheese cloth, quality from Harold's Kitchen X-tra fine weave measure 36 inches by 126 inches (3 foot x 10.5 feet)

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