• Cherry Bombed EZ-Jello Shot Mix - 6.78 oz


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    Cherry Bombed EZ-Jello Shot Mix - This intensely flavored jello shot mix can only be described as the sweet taste of a cherry sno­cone! This traditional flavor is always a crowd­pleaser, and your guests will be begging you for the recipe! Mix this flavor with a cherry vodka or peach schnapps and the shots will taste even better! The Cherry Bombed mix produces a vibrant red colored jello. Each 6.78 oz Package of EZ-Jello Shot Mix YIELDS: Approx 40 shots if using the 1.5oz EZ-InjectTM Jello Shot Syringes MEDIUM Approx 35 shots if using the 2oz EZ-SqueezeTM Jello Shot Cups Approx 30 shots if using the 2.5oz EZ-InjectTM Jello Shot Syringes LARGE Mixing instructions are included; just add water and your favorite vodka! Only the power is included, no other items pictured.

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