• Chillow Sweet Relief Duo Cooling Pillow Inserts

    Sooth Soft

  • $49.95

  • Description

    Sweet Relief Duo® Personal Soothing Solutions "Sweet Relief & Petite Relief included" The relief you've been seeking, the soothing you've needed, the comfort you deserve SoothSoft's Comfort technology brings you the heat relief you need with a product line designed by women for women. Indulge yourself in the fluid cooled memory foam lush collection . A natural water base promotes well being without toxins. Revive yourself naturally, no electricity needed! Restore yourself with uninterrupted sleep Eliminate night sweats & handle hot flashes  Wicks heat away from head and face for a solid nights sleep  Fits standard sized pillows  Latex free, medical grade manufacturing  Fuzzy flocked back helps grip fabrics for stay-in-place bedtime comfort *Due to minor marketing changes design or otherwise, the product contained may differ slightly from the one shown.

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