• China Storage Crimson Starter set/6

    Richards Homewares

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  • Description

    Is there a danger of your delicate and expensive chinaware chipping when stacked one on top of the other? Then guard them from now on in these specially designed, crimson colored China Plate Storage Cases!
    Each bag holds 12 dishes and comes with small thin cushioned dividers to protect the dishes from cracking or chipping. The lid opens from top for easy loading and removing of the dishes. Fasten the lid using the self correcting zipper made of nylon, to keep away the dust and moisture.
    - Saucer Plate Case: 7" diameter
    - Dessert Plate Case: 8" diameter
    - Salad Plate Case: 9 1/2" diameter
    - Dinner Plate Case: 12" diameter
    - Cup chest: 13 1/2" x 11 1/2" x 4"
    - Platter case: 12" x 8"

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