• Citron Verbena - Banho Bath Soap 12.34 oz

    LAFco New York

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     Refresh Yourself 

    Make your bath a truly inviting one with Claus Porto Deco Collection. Created with 100% vegetable soap base and pure, skin-softening Shea butter, each bar features the finest fragrances from the south of France. Packaged in a beautifully designed wrapper, each soap is milled seven times in the traditional European tradition for a hard, dense soap that has an ultra luxurious and creamy lather.

    • Luxurious, milled soap wrapped in beautiful paper
    • Handmade vegetable soap enriched with Shea butter
    • Citrus and woody scent

    For centuries, the medicinal values of Citron Verbena have been documented in herbal texts. Among them is the ability to relieve stress and anxiety, lift melancholy and bring about restful sleep. Banho - Citron Verbena Bath Soap, with its distinctive citrus and woody scent, is the perfect way to refresh and unwind.

    Especially Suited For: All skin types

    Essential Elements: Size: 12.3 oz.

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