• Citrucel Citrucel Powder Sugar-Free Orange Flavor (Flavor: Orange Flavor Size: 32 oz)

    Citrucel (GlaxoSmith)

  • $32.46

  • Description

    Methylcellulose fiber therapy for regularity. No excess gas. Doctor recommended. Daily source of 100% soluble fiber. Gluten free. Sugar free. Taste preferred 2 to 1 over Metamucil. Great-tasting orange flavor. Non-allergenic therapeutic fiber derived from a natural source. This unique fiber does not ferment, so it won't cause gas. Encourages gentle elimination naturally, without chemical stimulants. Doctor recommended for restoring and maintaining regularity. Mixes easily and completely for a smooth textured drink. Citrucel is different: Citrucel is protected by patents. No Citrucel products are sold as store brands.

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