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    For best potential and lasting results with any makeup applications there are 9 main steps to follow and Makeup By Tweezerman - Accessories - Classic Lash Curler - will help you reach this goal. Here is a step by step makeup application guide: Step 1: Mineral foundation - A healthy foundation for a flawless face. Step 2: Concealers - covering the problem will do wonders for your confidence, Concealers will also take care of the problem with a solution that is better for your skin health. Step 3: Finishing touches - use our finishing powders under and over the base to control shine. Step 4: Eye shadow - from natural shades to show-stopping shimmers, it's never been easier to get the long- lasting look you crave. Step 5: Eyeliners - line up with long lasting colors.  Step 6: Eyelashes & Eyebrows - nature gave you eyebrows/lashes to frame your lovely face, select from our full line to enhance your looks! Step 7: mascara - a must for any makeup bag. Step 8: Blushes & bronzers - from blushing brides to sun goddesses, we have got a crush on blush. Step 9: Lips - the right lip product is a girl's best friend.   Get the most out of this fabulous Classic Lash Curler - A perfect tool to boost the beauty of your lashes to maximum Features a flatter arch for all eye shapes Has a soft yet firm strip to prevent lash from tearing out Empowered with a retractable spring for shaping lashes effortlessly You are sure to enjoy this top quality product and experience the ultimate in makeup satisfaction.

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