• Clearprint 1000H 30X20 YD ROLL

    MacPherson's Art (Paper and Printmaking)

  • $36.02

  • Description

    Used by architects, engineers and graphic designers worldwide, this archival quality vellum is ideal for manual drafting. Packaged in a roll, the vellum is woven of cotton fiber and is made transparent without the use of chemicals, so it is easy to erase without ghosting. It is available in your choice of sizes. CLEARPRINT provides the highest quality imaging media to architectural, engineering & graphic arts professionals throughout the world . Finest product you can buy for manual drafting . 100% New cotton fiber media is transparentized without solvents to produce the proper translucency as well as the legendary Clearprint archival quality, strength, erasability, no ghosting & redraw characteristics . Good for pencil or ink . 20 Yards . Choose width above

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