• Close-Range Gunfighting: Reality-Based Firearms Training for Realistic Situations

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    Gabriel Suarez is a veteran of Southern California law enforcement, where he has served for many years. His extensive field experience includes single officer patrol, gang enforcement, special operations and tactical training. He was one of the founding members of his departments Special Weapons and Tactical Precision Rifle teams.  He now owns Suarez International, which specializes in reality-based training in weapons, tactics and combatives for law enforcement and civilians.
           In this video, best-selling author and world-renowned combat shooting instructor Gabe Suarez teaches you the combat-proven skills you need to win an actual gunfight against a committed assailant.  Suarez focuses on such critical topics as the importance of shooting on the move, how to perform a malfunction clearance in the thick of combat, proper use of cover and why proficiency in one-handed shooting skills is vital.  From there he cranks up the action, demonstrating force-on-force scenarios that seamlessly integrate empty-handed striking and extreme close-quarter shooting.  For information purposes only.

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