• Cloth Paper Scissors Workshop Mixed-Media Textile Art with Susie Monday

    Brewer Publishing / Quilters Resource

  • $12.64

  • Description

    Making use of a fun and accessible screenprinting method, Susie shows how to design a screen with watersoluble pigments, and then how to print the image using a polymer medium. Complementary fabrics are designed using stencils, watersoluble crayons, and textile paints. And next, using simple fuseandstitch layering and piecing, Susie demonstrates how to construct a colorful, improvisational piece of fiber art. Further design elements are considered and added, including painted details and another layer of screen printing. Finally, Susie shares strategies for turning the piece into a threedimensional piece of artwork, by wrapping and attaching it to a wooden frame (such as a house shape). Hand stitching and embellishments can be added to personalize the piece.

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