• Coconut Oil, Expeller Pressed RBD, Certified Organic, 32 fl. oz.

    Fromase/Wilderness Family Naturals

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  • Description

    Wilderness Family Naturals offers a high quality, certified organic, Expeller Pressed Coconut Oil as an economical choice for high temperature cooking. This oil is mechanically expressed without the use of solvents or chemicals of any kind. It is an excellent quality food-grade coconut oil that is NOT hydrogenated and contains NO trans fatty acids. Expeller-pressed coconut oil has a neutral flavor (because it is semi-refined), yet it contains the same healthy fatty acids as virgin coconut oil.
    This certified organic Expeller Pressed Coconut Oil is less expensive than virgin coconut oil because it can be mass produced. The coconuts are opened and quickly dried. The dried coconuts are then mechanically pressed to remove the oil, without using chemical solvents. Any free fatty acids are removed, the oil is run through diatomaceous earth, and lastly, the oil is steam distilled. This yields a very pure, uncontaminated coconut oil.
    Though not a virgin oil, it still melts at 76 ° F, is very light and creamy smooth, containing the same medium chain fatty acids as virgin coconut oil. People in Southeast Asian countries, such as the Philippines, use this as their main cooking oil.
    Virgin coconut oil is creamy white as a solid and water-clear as a liquid. Unlike virgin coconut oil, this expeller pressed coconut oil is an off-white to light tan color as a solid, and a light brown color when a liquid.

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