• Cold Coin (Traditional)

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    Cold Coin® The Cold Coin® fits comfortably in your pocket and has a hole to attach to a key chain or necklace. Here's what Edgar Cayce said: "Do not take this as being superstition, or as something which would be a good luck charm, but if the entity will wear about its person, or in its pocket, a metal that is carbon steel - preferably in the groin pocket - it will prevent, it will ionize the body - from its very vibrations - to resist cold, congestion, and those inclinations for disturbances in the mucus membranes of the throat and nasal passages." (1842-1) Safe and natural protection for the whole family. The perfect size to fit in your pocket. Cold Coins make a great gift! Cleaning Your Cold Coin: Over time the Cold Coin may tarnish, due to everybody's body being different. Use a steel wool pad to clean & bring back the original luster to look brand new!

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