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    The College of Piping

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    "The College of Piping: Tutor For The Highland Bagpipe PART 1" by Seumas Macneill and Thomas Pearston. The 72 page book starts with the practice chanter and ends with the bagpipe. There are 26 Lessons in the book. Each lesson is followed by a sound clip. In addition there are over 16 Videos and 14 songs. In addition to audio lessons, videos, and songs, the CD also contains over 38 pages of study material and quizzes. Lessons: Each written lesson is joined by a corresponding sound file 1) Placing your fingers on the chanter, diagrams 2) Gracenotes 3) Throws and Doublings 4) Your First Tune 5) Strikes 6) Strike on D and your Second Tune 7) Second Measure Brown Haired Maiden 8) Music theory 9) Double C & B 10) 2nd measure High Road to Gairloch 11) Double F & E 12) Double high A and 2nd measure Highland Laddie 13) Leumluath and Taorluath 14) 2nd measure Carles Wi' the Breeks 15) The Birl 16) 2nd measure 79th Farewell to Gibralter 17) Grip to C 18) 4th measure 79th Farewell to Gibralter 19) 1st measure Earl of Mansfield 20) Thumb Gracenote 21) 3rd measure Earl of Mansfield 22) 1st measure Inverness Rant 23) The Tachum 24) Strikes on B & C 25) 2nd measure Piper of Drummond 26) Double D and Green Hills of Tyrol 27) Practice Scales 27) Theory Summary and Posture Songs 1)Scots Wha Ha'e 2) Brown Haired Maiden 3) High Road to Gairloch 4) Highland Laddie 5) Carles Wi' the Breeks 6) 79th Farewell to Gibraltar 7) Earl of Mansfield 8) Inverness Rant 9) Piper of Drummond 10) Green Hills of Tyrol 11) Atholl Highlanders 12) Aiken Drum 13) Piobaireachd of Donald Dubh 14) Blue Bonnets

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