• COMPLETE PUGILIST - The Definitive Guide to Old-School Boxing, Dirty Boxing, and the Sweet Science

    Paladin Press

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    For centuries, Western boxing has been one of the most popular fighting arts ever practiced, but with so many styles and techniques, how do you choose the best way to train? Paladin Press and best-selling author Mark Hatmaker bring you 10 hours of precise, detailed instruction in every major aspect of boxing from No-Holds-Barred fighting to the sweet science of today, giving you what you need to win in the cage, ring or octagon. Focusing first on the basics of footwork, ring generalship and body movement to keep your opponent from landing a punch, he then teaches the fundamentals of striking, from such basic punches as shovel hooks and the true cross to "illegal" shots like elbow strikes, foot stomps and hacksaws.

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