• Conquest Scents Dog Training Scents Duck In A Stick

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    Bird Down Dog Training Scents DOG TRAINING SCENTS THAT ARE WATER AND SALIVA RESISTANT! Applying scent to a training dummy enhances the training process. However, the excessive saliva produced by an excited dog can quickly wash away ordinary liquid scent. ConQuest’s wax-stick formula, where the scent is encapsulated in a waxy substrate, is far more resistant to dog saliva and assures better training sessions. DOG TRAINING WITH AMAZING RESULTS.Starting on the right foot when training is crucial. It sets a tone in your relationship with your dog. We have personally tested our scents on dogs that have never been on scent before and witnessed responses that are truly amazing. In addition, BirdDown helps keep your dog sharp and focused for future hunts.WARNING! Do not leave containers in direct sunlight.

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