• Construction Scheduling: Preparation, Liability and Claims

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    <p> <b><i>Construction Scheduling: Preparation, Liability, and Claims, Second  Edition</i></b>, helps today’s attorneys and construction professionals  identify and analyze liabilities and potential contributing causes of delay or  schedule disruptions, and prepare for a successful scheduling claim or defense. </p> <p> Comprehensive in scope, yet highly practical in approach, the text goes beyond  instruction on CPM methods to help you demonstrate the consequences of delays,  the costs of acceleration, and the ramifications of undelivered owner and  builder commitments. It thoroughly examines all contractor and owner concerns  about <b>construction scheduling</b> and claims preparation or defense,  complete with discussions of pertinent case law, precedents, and implications. </p> <p> In one, accessible and comprehensive volume, our experts reveal their best  strategies to: </p> <ul> <li> Win at the bargaining table or in court with the help of advanced analysis and  demonstration methods </li> <li> Avoid claims with the help of indisputable scheduling documentation </li> <li> Identify poor or unreasonable scheduling specifications, failures to honor  implied warranties, acts constituting disruption, and compensable delays </li> <li> Discover the use, and abuses, of standard CPM techniques </li> <li> See how to develop and deliver time-impact-analysis evidence that is fully  comprehensible </li> </ul> <p> From the creation of the schedule to the successful conclusion of the project, <b><i> Construction Scheduling: Preparation, Liability, and Claims, Second Edition</i></b>  provides the most complete and practical resource on the major elements of  the <b>construction scheduling</b> life cycle you’ll find anywhere. </p> <p>  </p> <p>  </p> <p>  </p>

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