• Consulting with Nonprofits : A Practitioner's Guide

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    "A fabulous, easily accessible tool to assist nonprofits small and large. I am delighted to recommend this helpful guide." --  Michael Seltzer, Program Officer, Ford Foundation and author of Securing Your Organization's Future: A Complete Guide to Fundraising Strategies "A thorough, well-organized, and easy-to-use book. A highly useful and readable reference for consultation with both for-profit and nonprofit organizations." --  Jill Janov, founder and partner, Jill Janov Associates, San Francisco, and author of The Inventive Organization: Hope and Daring at Work "It's all here. Everything. A masterwork that will help aspiring consultants develop the skills and artistry necessary for effective results." --  Review by Contributions Magazine "Offers guidance for and insights into every aspect of consulting with nonprofits and community groups. Practical. Comprehensive. Readable. Relevant." --  Michael Quinn Patton, author of Utilization-Focused Evaluation "Packed with real-world wisdom." --  Gary J. Stern, President of Gary J. Stern & Associates, Inc. and author of Marketing Workbook for Nonprofit Organizations, Volumes I and II 
           Nonprofit consulting requires specialized skills and knowledge of how the sector works. This guide gives you the resources and tools to help you provide quality assistance throughout your career:  * Experienced consultants will find it an invaluable reference * New consultants will get oriented to the sector and find step-by-step guidance through the entire process * Technical specialists will gain insights into the larger processes that shape nonprofit organizations * For-profit consultants and business sector volunteers will discover how to shift their expertise to match the unique culture of nonprofit and community work * Students in public administration, organization development, and nonprofit management will find it a useful guide for fieldwork, service projects, or future career search With this illustrated guide you get:  * An overview of the nonprofit sector and unique elements of consulting with nonprofits * The six-stage process of consulting?with concrete steps and challenges in each stage * The art of consulting, including roles, dynamics, and ethics * Lessons from the field?stories from thirty skilled consultants offering sage advice on common challenges from setting up contracts to cross-cultural consulting to choosing a consulting role that matches the client's needs * When team consulting makes sense * Key differences between internal and external consulting * How to run your business * Marketing your services * Setting fees, estimating costs, and billing * Managing your career growth * Working with funders * Nine worksheets, sample proposals, professional standards, annotated bibliography * And much more!

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