• Cooling / Heating Pad, SINGLE SIZE

    Chili Technology

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    ChiliPad - Cooling / Heating Pad, SINGLE SIZE (30" x 75"). Your best nights sleep is only a few degrees away--and ChiliPad puts you in control. This ingenious mattress pad cools or warms your bed just the way you like it, in precise 1-degree increments from 46 degrees F to 118 degrees F. Your sleep partner can even choose their own favorite temperature! All controlled at the touch of a button, using your own wireless remote or the base control unit. Say goodnight to sleepless nights, extra blankets, sweaty sheets and bedtime temperature squabbles. Adjust your bed instead of your room, and save year-round. The ChiliPad uses a unique water circulation system to warm or cool your mattress efficiently. In fact, ChiliPad control units use only 80W of energy on average. Compare that to the far higher cost of running the air conditioner or raising the thermostat overnight, and savings are considerable--especially with todays escalating energy costs, when every extra degree on the thermostat can add 4-8% to your monthly bill. Climate-control your bed instead of your room, and save. Available in single- or dual-zone versions for any size bed. If you and your partner prefer different temperature levels, a dual-zone ChiliPad provides independent control for each side of the bed--and theres one for beds of any size. Single ChiliPad 30" x 75" Twin ChiliPad 38" x 75" Twin XL ChiliPad 38" x 80" Full ChiliPad 53" x 75" Queen Single-zone ChiliPad 60" x 80" Queen Dual-zone ChiliPad 60" x 80" King Dual-zone ChiliPad 76" x 80" Cal King Dual-zone ChiliPad 72" x 84" You dont have to sacrifice a comfortable nights sleep for your budget! Order your own ChiliPad today, from Brookstone.

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