• Cor De La Bryere

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    Cor de la Bryère
    Tönjes, Jan
    Holstein's Greatest Stallion of the Century 
    Cor de la Bryère was stationed in Holsten since 1971. The French horse became a legend since he influenced the modern Holstein breed like no other stallion. An important stalion who stamps his offspring. 
    Through his various influential sons, he created several different show jumping dynasties. His offspring have an excellent reputation in the international sport scene, like show jumping olympic champion Classic Touch, Calvaro, Corrado or the dressage horses Chacomo and Corlandus. 
    This video type is revealing Cor de la Bryère's career which is closely linked with the history of the Holstein breed. Who was the one who discovered this exceptional stallion, where and how? His own qualities: 
    Was he good to ride? How was his personality? What are his main qualities and those of his offspring? Companions are reporting and giving insight into an incredible career. Unique pictures of a stallion who is represented in 80% of all Holstein pedigrees. Cor de la Bryère in his last year of life - vigorous, powerful - the legend lives on!

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