• Coral Complete, 60 Capsules

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    Description        Innovative Nutraceuticals  Vegetable Capsules  Dietary Supplement  Eco Friendly  Gluten-Free  Vitamin D From Natural Source    Coral Complete Provides Benefits for Healthy Bones    Calcium bioavailability found in eco-friendly, above sea fossilized Okinawan coral.  Vitamins and Minerals - Coral Complete provides you with a boost  of Vitamin C and D. It also delivers naturally occurring trace minerals  from the coral, which further supports healthy bone.  Other Important Ingredients: Malic Acid and Betaine Hydrochloride  (HCl),  serve as digestive aids that assist in releasing acid into the  digestive tract, supporting digestion and the absorption of this crucial  mineral, calcium.  Coral Complete can be taken at any time of day, but for optimum  results,  evening use is preferred. Take two Coral Complete capsules  with an evening meal or at bedtime.        Suggested Use      Coral  Complete can be taken anytime of day, but for optimum results, evening  use is preferr

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