• Cordless Bed Alarm & Bed Sensor Pad - No Alarm in Resident's Room! Smart Caregiver item GM-01E & GBT-RI

    Smart Caregiver Corp

  • $85.95

  • Description

    Smart Caregiver has combined wireless alarms with bed sensor pads, chair sensor pads, weight sensing floor mats, motion sensor and nurse call buttons creating silent resident monitoring, easing resident stress and more effectively alerting the caregiver. Economically priced and loaded with features. Cordless products eliminate tripping hazards because there are NO CORDS! Pre-programmed and ready for use on delivery! This system is designed to assist caregivers in preventing falls of their residents. Fall alarms, mobility monitors, and anti-wandering products are efficient tools that help caregivers with their day to day to duties. These devices alert caregivers in a multitude of ways so that when a resident is attempting to get up and/or exit a doorway without proper assistants, the caregiver hears an alert and promptly goes to the aide of the resident.

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