• Corolle Les Classiques Nursery Baby Sling

    Corolle, Inc

  • $44.68

  • Description

    Help inspire imaginative play with essential baby doll accessories from Corolle. All accessories are made with the highest quality materials and are extremely durable. Corolle offers a wide range of accessories to ensure your little one has everything they need to care for their baby doll! Corolle's elegantly designed floral printed baby sling makes it easy for your make-believe mommy to take their favorite baby doll along with them. Smartly styled and constructed to fit 14-17 inch dolls, the baby sling is light pink with dark pink and blue flowers on the outside and light pink with dark pink polka dots on the inside. The baby sling is the perfect accessory for your little one and their baby dolls!
           A pretty and practical way to young moms to take a favorite baby doll along. Fits baby dolls up to 17 inches tall.

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