• Country Club Sandwich

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    With this pretend-food set there won't be any need for mud pies,  leaf-and-pebble casseroles, and other outmoded play-food creations. With  21 pieces of realistic looking plastic food and grocery items,  "Playmoms" and "Playdads" have the stuff to play house 21st-century  style. The food pieces fasten together with hook-and-loop fabric to  create sandwiches that'll last through the longest fake-food fight. The  sandwiches even tear apart with an amusing ripping noise. The set  contains plastic lettuce, cheese, meat slices, tomatoes, cucumbers (two  pieces of each), one can of tuna with a fake pop-top lid, a margarine  container, a play-safe plastic knife, and a loaf of bread with eight  slices.  --Ava Natov 
           Mix and match realistic-looking sandwich fixings to create a fun, healthy lunch! Kids get creative with our stackable 20-piece set that includes (8) slices of bread, (2) pieces of lunch meat, (2) slices of cheese, (2) slices of tomatoes, (2) slices of cucumbers, (2) lettuce leaves, a tuna can, a margarine tub and a plastic knife. The sandwich pieces have Velcro on both sides for easy and secure stacking.

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