• Courting Candle Holder with Red Dish ~ Free Bees Wax Candle Included

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    Product Description Courting Candles Standard Size Courting Candle Holder. Nostalgic Vintage Charm with Courting Candlesticks Plus Fun Country & Primitive Lighting Decor. What a conversation piece this is... fun for all! 6" wide and 6¾" high. Fits a standard taper candle. Beeswax candle is free and included in every purchase. The candle stands on the wooden block. Included in your purchase is the rustic decor pan, the spiral courting candle holder, the wooden hammer gauge and a free quality pure bees wax candle. This is an excellent gift item as well as a beautiful Country, Primitive, Rustic & Nostalgic touch for your home. The best bridesmaid gift! One for each bridesmaid will be a lasting & unique treasure. It will inspire Dad & boyfriend stories and fun times! Bring the tradition and magic of another era into your theme. It is one of best bridesmaid gifts ever. *If ordered in bulk quantities... the shipping will cost only what the package costs to the "T". It will not cost the "per item" calculated cost and we will reimburse the shipping cost difference immediately. Place wooden base of the hammer at top of spiral with "stick" on the right... with forefinger, spiral the hammer down to desired resting spot. Set candle on platform and light. The Story... From the 1600's to the 1800's... If a young gentleman looked OK with Dad... the candle was placed high up when lit so that the daughter and young man had a lot of courting time... If Dad had any doubts... the spiral "shortened the time!" When the candle burned out... the young man's visit was over. For refills... candle holder accepts a 1/2" X 6" candle. Beautiful remake of authentic country decor... courting candlesticks. To secure candle to wooden hammer for perfectly straight stance... hold match to the bottom of candle until it melts and starts dripping... immediately place the bottom of the candle to the top of the hammer... it will adhere itself to the wood.

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