• Cover Creme SPF 30 1 oz. (Color: Chroma 6 - Chocolate Brown)


  • $39.00

  • Description

    Dermablend Cover Creme SPF 30 is a smooth, maximum coverage foundation with a lightweight, fresh finish. It glides on easily and evenly to camouflage imperfections for long-lasting, flawless results. Ideal for use on uneven skin tone, scarring, freckles, bruises, burn scars, spots, birthmarks, age spots, rosacea, post-surgical redness, vitiligo, acne, spider veins, under eye circles, and more. It is suitable for all skin tones and types, as well as most skin conditions. (Due to a manufacturer reformulation, item received may vary slightly from description or photograph.) Chroma 6 Chocolate Brown is ideal for deep skin tones.

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