• Crème de la Crème Conditioner 12oz

    Miss Jessie's

  • $11.00

  • Description

    The ultimate ultra conditioning super soft daily curl wash especially made for us - dry, parched, damaged, used and abused, chemically treated, color treated, natural, kinky, curly hair. Creme de la Curl was specifically formulated for the dry, coarse, tightly coiled curl, but any hair type longing for a super moisturizing curl wash will benefit. You can never wash your hair too much with this carefully formulated non-sudsy cleansing crème. Excellent for curlies who want clean freshly prepped supple tangle free hair that's ready to receive any Miss Jessie's styling product.
    THIS PRODUCT IS NOT CHEMICALLY ALTERING and has a thicker consistency than the Creme De La Creme daily conditioner.

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