• Crank Can Opener- Folding Handle

    Focus Foodservice LLC

  • $16.30

  • Description

    The name Swing-A-Way, simply put, is an American classic. The original Swing-A-Way, introduced in 1938, was a wall-mounted can opener with a bracket that allowed the strong sturdy unit to swing back against the wall of a butler's pantry when not in use, hence the name. In 1945, the company pioneered a gear-driven cutting wheel that revolutionized can opening. In the 1950's the company launched the first heavy-duty, handheld can opener, the legendary Model 407 that incorporated the best features of the wall model. The rest is history. This Swingaway ergonomic crank can opener features a long handle and large crank design that eliminates stress on the hands. This opener works great for large cans. The handle folds for easy storage and the soft rubber grips provide comfort and security. As always, Swingaway features durable metal construction.

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