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    It's a busy day in Crazy Cake Café! 
    Baker Bernie needs your help getting cakes stacked as quickly as possible so they can be delivered.
    How fast can you stack your twelve layer cake? Slip a recipe card in the menu and go to work! You've got to be faster than all the other bakers!
    ... Chocolate -Strawberry -Chocolate -Vanilla -Vanilla -Tangerine -Blueberry... 
    Wait! Three vanilla? Better unstack quick and fix!
    (As in any busy bakery, things WILL get a little crazy.)
    The first player to finish stacking one of Baker Bernie's famous twelve layer cakes wins a recipe card. Collect ten recipe cards, and winning the game will be the icing on the cake!
    Crazy Cakes is a fast-moving game and a delectable sequencing, brain-teasing treat!
    Crazy Cakes
    A cake stacking game for brain-teasing fun!
    A sequencing game that's easy to learn and inspires delicious repeat play
    Stack 12 layer cakes to match colored recipes -just be faster than the other bakers!
    Darling graphics, colorful slices and a race to complete the cakes
    A fast-moving game for kids; enjoyed by the whole family
    2 to 4 players

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