• Crio Bru 3 Pack (12oz) Coca River, Cavalla, Vega Real

    Crio Bru

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    This package includes Crio Bru (1) Coca River 12oz, (1) Cavalla 12oz and (1) Vega 12oz flavors. 
    Coca River is premium roasted cocoa with natural hints of green banana and blackberries. Rising on the flanks of equatorial volcanoes, the Coca River winds through an emerald paradise in southern Ecuador until it feeds into the mighty Amazon. The Coca River Beans come from a village close to the Coca River, called Vilcabamba, it is famous for the longevity of its people, many living more than a century. These Ecuadorian cacao beans produce the deepest and most luxurious rich chocolate Crio Brü flavor. The flavor is accented by lovely floral tones, including a dominant green banana note, blueberries and jasmine. 
    Cavalla is a premium roasted cocoa with natural hints of dark spice, coconut and cinnamon. The Cavalla cocoa beans come from family-owned farms, along the Cavalla river, that produce the very best African cacao. The dark, earthy-toned beans are carefully hand picked and dried naturally by the sun to enhance the full-bodied chocolate flavor. Vega Real is premium roasted cocoa with natural hints of red berries and dark spice. Described as paradise by Christopher Columbus, the Vega Reál is one of the most fertile valleys in the Dominican Republic. Translated as "Royal Meadow," this lush, tropical garden found in the mountain highlands nurtures the finest cacao plants. The earthy-toned beans are harvested at the peak of freshness and then crafted to reveal a luxurious, complex flavor that hints of red berries and dark spice with a wonderful cocoa aroma.  
    The natural flavors of Crio Bru come to life when you brew a cup, made from 100% pure, perfectly roasted cocoa beans. Making Crio Brü is easy, whether in a coffee maker or French Press. And Crio Bru is incredibly delicious, especially when you add a little sweetener or creamer.

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