• Cross-Selling Success: A Rainmaker's Guide to Professional Account Development

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    The common denominator for today's most successful professional firms is deep ties to their clients. By providing many links to their clients, they're the first to know the needs of their customers. 
    With the help of this book you can start building deep relationships with your customers and put your company in front of your competitors by offering cross-selling services. 
    Here you'll find a practical, common-sense guide to cross-selling success based on successful tactics used by other professions in your industry.
    By following the straightforward guidance in this book, any professional firm (architecture, engineering, interior design, law or management consulting) can expand and deepen the ties they have to their clients, while winning over more new clients than ever before.
    Identify and fulfill your customer's needs with this new book that explains all you'll need to improve your customer relationships and place your company in front of your competitors in the eyes of your customers.

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