• Crucible High-Risk Environment Training II, Vol.4: Combat Handgunning

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    As the former Senior Director of Training for Crucible,  Phil Motzer  was responsible for the development and training of curriculum for personnel going overseas to high threat areas. Training that includes practical pistol skills and the use of various other firearms; shotgun, carbine and firearms indigenous to the foreign area to which personnel are being deployed; and counterweapons techniques.  Trainees have included personnel from the Defense Intelligence Agency, Department of State Diplomatic Security Services, Federal Air Marshals, Secret Service Counter Assault Team and Emergency Response Team, and Department of Energy. He has more than 17 years of experience in the force-protection and security fields, and has been deployed all over the Middle East doing security assessments and surveys. Motzer served in the U.S. Marine Corps in infantry and intelligence.
           If you're looking for a turnkey combat handgun program taught by a veteran who knows from personal experience what works and what doesn't in a real gunfight, your search is over. In this video, Phil Motzer, Director of Firearms Training at the Crucible, gives you the kind of instruction he typically provides to high-speed military and law enforcement personnel, showing you how to get accurate hits on target while under the physiological effects of imminent danger. This complete curriculum includes the marksmanship fundamentals of grip, position and aiming; a true combat drawstroke; proper use of cover; malfunction clearances; shooting at multiple targets; firing on the move; and much more. Motzer also includes lengthy sections on low-light shooting while both holding a flashlight and making use of ambient light, getting your gun rapidly from concealment, and shooting from compromised positions. Even if you consider yourself an expert shooter, you shouldn't pass up this opportunity to get interactive combat handgun training formerly taught only to men and women deployed to high-risk environments.  For information purposes only.

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