• Crucible High-Risk Environment Training II Volume 1: Closed Hand Kem-'ba-tivz (2011)

    Paladin Press

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    One of the reasons why Kelly McCann's Combatives program is respected worldwide is its simplicity: gross motor movements that you can use to brutal efficiency during the chaos of a violent encounter. There are no secret moves, and there's no higher level...until now. In this video, McCann shows you a different strategy of fighting that includes closed hand striking, focusing on how to use your fists to knock out your attacker and win without breaking your hands. This is as close to "advanced" Combatives as it gets, and has previously only been taught to a very select few at the Crucible. Starting with how to train properly to build your strength and toughness, McCann then teaches the most effective strikes to use on the street, from the jab to the cross to the liver punch. From there, he takes you through a series of combinations that seamlessly integrate the Combatives strikes you already know with this new material into a vicious system of unarmed combat. This is not meant to replace Combatives, but to supplement it so that no matter where you find yourself in a fight, you'll be able to take out your opponent as quickly as possible.

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