• Crucible High-Risk Environment Training II Volume 5: Tactical Driving Skills with Frank Conway and Tony Longinotti

    Paladin Press

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    Whether you're facing a carjacking in a big city or a roadside ambush in a war zone, the skills you have behind the wheel just may determine whether or not you survive. In this exclusive Paladin video, Crucible tactical driving instructors Frank Conway and Tony Longinotti demonstrate decisive emergency driving techniques that work in both civilian situations and high-risk combat environments. Covering off-road recovery, accelerating out of corners, swerving to avoid collisions, slalom driving and hard braking through a turn, on through the debilitating effects of stress during an emergency situation, Frank and Tony take you through a typical day of training at the Crucible track, where they teach tactical driving skills to elite law enforcement, military and corporate security professionals who must operate in high-risk environments all over the world. By mastering a few simple maneuvers that most people conduct on any given driving day, you'll learn how to make your vehicle do exactly what you want it to do when you really need maximum performance. The key to properly navigating a vehicle out of harm's way is learning to focus at the very time that your driving skills have abandoned you. In a hostile environment, if you crash your vehicle, you've just done the bad guys' job for them. So buckle up, hang on and enjoy the ride!

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