• Custom Footbeds, Insulated Softec Ultra, Size Men's 9/ Women's 11


  • $55.00

  • Description

    SOLE Insulated Ultra Custom Footbeds SOLE INSULATED ULTRA SOFTEC heat-moldable custom footbeds are guaranteed to improve foot comfort because they take on the shape of your foot. It is simply not possible for mass produced generic footwear to fit and support every unique foot perfectly. SOLE Custom Footbeds allow you to customize the fit of all your footwear. The SOLE Insulated Ultra's have a 3M Thinsulate Insulating Layer. Made for applications where shock protection is critical, the SOLE Ultra cushioning footbed comes with 3.2mm of shock absorbing material, SOFTEC.SOLE Ultra also provides excellent custom support. Sole Custom Footbeds are constructed from three distinct layers, two layers of foam and a top cover. The bottom layer (black) is a high density EVA (Ethel Vinyl Acetate) foam that is highly contoured in the arch and heel and gives the footbed its integrity and support. Although lower density EVA (such as the kind use to make standard athletic shoe insoles) is weak and flimsy, higher density EVA (like the kind used in this footbed) is actually very firm, supportive and durable. Further more, EVA (unlike plastic) isn't hard or jarring to the feet so it is very comfortable for a wide range of athletic and outdoor activities. Since the Ultra by Sole Custom Footbeds do not use any plastic to support the arch you will not feel a drop off point where the plastic ends. Sole Custom Footbeds have a unique continuous feel that most other insoles lack. The Sole Custom Footbed Ultra is the thickest and beefiest of the Sole line of footbeds and designed to fit in shoes that have thick removable insoles such as hiking, ski and snowboard boots, outdoor shoes and many athletic shoes. * Offers a personalized, custom fit and genuine comfort all day long. * 400 gram 3M Thinsulate Insulation * Softec 3.2mm shock absorption layer * The Ultra Softec Series Insoles are designed for people of all arch types with heat molded insoles. * Great for combat boots, running s

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