• Custom Footbeds, Thin Sport, Size Men's 8/ Women's 10


  • $45.00

  • Description

    Your foot wasn't made flat, so why is almost all footwear made that way? Sole footbeds and sandals mold to perfectly fit your unique foot. Generic insoles and flat footwear simply cannot offer the same level of arch support, control and comfort of Sole products.
           The Thin Sport footbed provides the unrivalled, customized, orthopaedic support of SOLE for your bike shoes, minimalist running shoes or other tight-fitting footwear, low profile footwear. Featuring the SOLE custom orthopedic base layer and a moisture wick top sheet. WEIGHT(half pair): Men's 10 - 58.15g (approx.), Women's 7 - 46.7g (approx.).

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