• Cutter's Mate Mini

    Lincoln Distributors

  • $159.95

  • Description

    Eliminate hand fatigue. The Cutter's Mate Mini has a foam cushioned, weighted handle that eliminates the strain of grasping a traditional slim cutter. The weighted handle rotates 360º and applies all the pressure you'll need to effortlessly produce a perfect score. It's so easy, you can even score glass while sitting down.
    The easy-glide system keeps the cutter head at a constant 90º angle to the glass, practically eliminating bad breaks. Quick, easy set-up for right or left handed use. The 11" clear Lexan cutter arm can score a straight line up to 22" long and swings out of the way when not in use.
    Cutter's Mate Mini includes 1 Waffle Grid, 13.5" Slide Bar, 2 Grid Adapters, Cutter Arm Attachment with the CSG-10 oil-fed carbide cutting head and rubber feet for use on tabletops. Made in America. One year manufacturer warranty.

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