• Daily Summer Activities: Moving from PreK to Kindergarten , Grades PreK-K - Activity Book

    Evan-Moor Educational Publishers

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    The transition from PreK to Kindergarten is a big step for most children and the exercises in Daily Summer Activities, Moving from Preschool to Kindergarten can help give little learners a big head start. As someone who has already tried the series says: 

    "It takes just a few minutes every day to complete this 10-week review. The kids love it. They are practicing basic skills that make the next school year easier and more enjoyable. I highly recommend Daily Summer Activities." - PreK Teacher, Harrisburg, PA

    Specific content in this volume includes:

    - practice for two or three letters of the alphabet each week-tracing the letter, listening for the letter sound
    - sequence events
    - oral language-responding to pictures, words and stories
    - mathematics-number recognition, counting, patterns, sorting, beginning addition, recognizing shapes, pennies
    - one word to spell each week
    - follow simple picture directions to complete a drawing

    Look under "H" and you'll find hens, hippos, helicopters, and hats helping to spur learning. Try "T" and there'll be turtles, tables, tents, and teeth to teach with.

    The practice cards for Daily Summer Activities, Moving from Preschool to Kindergarten are for upper and lower case letters with matching pictures, and numbers to six with illustrations.

    The plentiful color and black & white illustrations in this book can only be described as just plain darling. Kids will love them! You will, too-even the answer keys are colorful.

    All 144 pages, plus eight flash card pages (printed on durable card stock), are perforated for easy removal. $14.95 each.

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