• DAR Hol GF CHS Mini Bisc 19#

    Animal Supply Co

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    Darford Holistic Dog Treat - All Natural Grain Free Cheese Recipe Mini Sized Dog Biscuits 19-pound. Bulk - It's not that wheat and corn are inherently bad. But for those that don't want them in their dog treats, Darford Holistic is carefully crafted with wheat free, and even grain free recipes. Our wheat free recipes utilize an oatmeal and barley blend. While our grain free recipes draw together potatoes and peas as the base. Slow baked at low temperatures with healthy nutritious ingredients. Six flavors are formulated with a single meat protein source. There are two meatless flavors. Variety doesn't mean you have to sacrifice nutrition or quality. All Darford Holistic recipes are fused with a vegetable/fruit blend for their antioxidant and micronutrient properties. And they just add that little extra flavor benefit too. But sometimes, what's not in the treat is just as important. So for wheat free or grain free dog treats, Darford holistic offers you a variety of options.

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