• DAR Nat CHS HRT Bisc 20#

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    Darford Natural Dog Treat- Cheez Heart Mini 20-pound. Bulk Treats; Whether you're French (as in Bulldog), English (as in Cocker), or German (as in Shepherd), everybody loves the great taste of cheese. The reasons vary. The size and type of dog varies. Specific dietary requirements or restrictions vary. You need a treat line as varied. Darford All Natural Dog Treats offer the variety of sizes, shapes, and flavors to meet the diverse needs of our companion friends. Oven baked with wholesome grains, and incorporating flax, kelp, and yucca. It's all about the dog. They do so much for us, return the favor. Return it with flavor. Plus One Movement- We love all dogs, not just our own. That's why when we learned that an estimated 4,000,000 dogs are needlessly euthanized every year in the US and Canada simply because of a lack of room and food, we knew we had to do something. And we believe we've found a way. What if you could provide a meal to a dog in need with every purchase? Buy for One, Care for Two. On the back of every Darford product package is a Plus One Movement Code.

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