• Dark Magic 2 - Assorted Colors

    YoYo Jam

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  • Description

    The YoYoJam Dark Magic II, also known as the Dark Magic 2, is the Signature Series yo-yo of U.S. Nationals finalist Andre Boulay.

    The original legendary Dark Magic was designed to help Andre achieve his unique thumb grinds. Like the original, the new Dark Magic features an aluminum weight ring with a lip around the inner edge, allowing for awesome grinds.

    The Dark Magic now comes with YoYoJam's advanced and acclaimed new Solid Spin axle system. Plus, the Dark Magic now has recessed silicone pad response in place of the original hybrid (half starburst, half o-ring) response.

    It weighs in at a just under 68 grams (by popular request, a tiny bit lighter than the old Dark Magic), is 44 mm wide, has a 56 mm diameter and a 3.23 mm gap width.

    Now it comes with a YYJ Speed bearing, too, in addition to the standard already-installed narrow bearing. This way, players can swap bearings as they move from beginner and intermediate play to more advanced tricks.

    Try it and see why the Dark Magic is a favorite of U.S. champs and other top-notch players worldwide!

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