• De La Cruz Lavender Oil 1 oz

    DLC Laboratories, Inc.

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    Lavender is native to the Mediterranean. Rejuvenating, calming and fragrant, lavender oil has been a prized essential oil for centuries. It has long been used as an ingredient in perfumes, soaps and cosmetics. Today, lavender is the most popular oil in aromatherapy and blends well with a variety of carrier oils. Our Lavender Oil is 100% pure and is steam distilled from the flowering tops of the Lavandula officinalis plants. Directions: It depends on what you will use it for. Please read our tips and tricks below to get some great ideas on its usage! Tips and Tricks: Put a few drops on your pillow for a serene feeling at bedtime. Add a few drops to our De La Cruz Sweet Almond Oil to make a soothing and aromatic massage oil. For an extra refreshing bath, add a few drops to the bathwater. To create a calming environment, add a few drops or blend with other oils in car diffusers, misters or vaporizers. For fresh smelling clothes and bedding, put a few drops in your laundry. Size: 1 oz. This item qualifies for Small International Flat Rate Shipping.     Limit of 6 total items per order if you use this shipping method.     Items allowed to be combined: Decolorized Iodine , Iodine Tincture , Gentian Violet , Merthiolate Tincture , Lavender Oil , Tea Tree Oil , Peppermint Oil

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