• De La Cruz Vegetable Glycerin 2 oz

    DLC Laboratories, Inc.

  • $5.11

  • Description

    Bathe and saturate your skin with the rich and tantalizing De La Cruz Glycerin U.S.P. emollient. Take your stress and worries away as you use this essential oil to treat even the roughest areas of your skin. Keep your skin looking young as if you visited the fountain of youth with the De La Cruz Glycerin U.S.P. emollient. Keep your family's skin refreshed and well moisturized with this highly potent essential oil. Using De La Cruz Glycerin U.S.P emollient will leave you wondering why you ever used any other essential oil at all. Your skin will thank you for taking amazing care of it and show its appreciation by glowing and leaving any scales behind. Take care of your skin and take care of you!

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