• Dear Abby Letters of Inspiration from a Father to a Daughter

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    Educated at The University of Cincinnati (B.B.A) and  European University (MBA), Gene A. Grant II has worked in several  Fortune 500 Companies in various management positions in different  parts of the world such as the United States, Europe, the Far East,  Central America, South America and Bermuda. He has taught at the  university level and has led discipleship groups and youth groups at  his church. He currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia with his wife  Jody, his daughter Abigail and his son Alex.
           Introduction     I have written this book as a collection of advice for my  daughter. Although some may not agree with everything I have to say,  the ideas contained herein are what I stand for, what was passed on to  me by my parents and grandparents and what I would like to convey to  my daughter and other children as well.     Abraham Lincoln once said, "If I were to read, much less answer all my  critics, I might as well close up shop. In the end, if I have been  right, it will not matter and if I have been wrong, ten angels  swearing I was right will not make a difference."     My heartfelt desire is that the following pages will give the reader  new perceptions and thought provoking insights to enable him or her to  have the courage to take a stand and to create. My hope is that some  of these ideas will help you find and achieve a loving relationship  with your children and others that is built on moral purpose, strength  and commitment.     When you take a stand or form a belief system and others tell you that  you cannot do this, they simply mean that they cannot do it  themselves; and, therefore, you cannot do it.  Ignore these sluggish  minds, for just as their thoughts and deeds are not maturing or  producing the results they want and need your thoughts and deeds are  moving ahead at an unstoppable pace. Let no one rob you of your  intentions and standards or seduce you into their path of thinking.     When you have ideals, goals, meaning, contented thoughts of a  purposeful living and a faithful inner peace and  happiness... Congratulate yourself, because for that period of time  you have removed yourself from the living dead.     Intention stealers come in all shapes and sizes. By intention, I do  not mean it as a fantasy or imaginary way of being, but rather a  confident conviction that you are conscious of and live by  accordingly. My hope is that the meaning you choose for you and your  family is one that would please God and leave no room for doubt from  those that are around you.     Opening Day     My dearest Abigail:     Words cannot begin to express the joy and contentment that I felt on  that first day of June 1996 when the doctor delivered you from your  mother. At that precise moment, I realized that God had "loaned" you  to us and now it was up to your mother and I to raise you in a manner  that was pleasing to God. Your mother and I were given you only  through the GRACE (your middle name) of our Lord and Savior.     As I held you in my arms that day and the days and nights to follow, I  knew that no matter what was going on in the world around us that you  were and are "our precious little girl." Although the events that  occurred in the few precious moments of the beginning of your life  were sometimes trying, we knew that you were cradled not only in our  arms, but also in the arms of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.     Please know that we take the responsibility of raising you with Christ  as a very serious matter and will do all that is possible to make sure  that goal is accomplished. You may not always agree with our point of  view, but we only want what is best for you. With the assistance of  our Master, we know that together as a family we can accomplish all  things.     WELCOME TO THIS WORLD        As time moves on (and at times it seems to move too quickly!), your  goals will become our goals; your dreams will become our dreams, just  as your concerns will 

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