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    Defense Healing Salve (1oz) and Defense Oil (1oz) These two products work  together. The Defense oil will knock out a ringworm and a Herpes sore quickly  but sometimes leaves the skin dry. The Defense Healing Salve, which is loaded  with healing properties including vitamins e and a, should be used in  conjunction with the oil. This is 5% of our active ingredient therefore it has  anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-viral properties as well. The healing  salve may also be used alone to aid in healing of mat burns and small scrapes  and scratches suffered in practice. With the time spent on the mat, and the  close quarters of practice, wrestlers are susceptible to bacteria and fungus. Contagious fungus, such as ringworm, can not only sideline a wrestler, but  an entire team if spread. Long hours of hard work can be negated if personal  hygiene is not made a priority.  Developed for wrestlers, by wrestlers, DEFENSE uses natural ingredients that  prevent bacteria and fungus from infecting you.  We know first hand about the dedication it takes to prepare for wrestling  competition. Keep yourself on the mat with DEFENSE.  Antifungal-Kills the fungus that causes Ringworm, Jock Itch and Athletes  foot.  Antibacterial-Kills the bacteria that causes impetigo and other harmful  bacterias  Antiseptic-Cleans mat burns, cuts and scratches while you shower

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