• Deluxe Roman Arc - Cypress Hammock Stand

    The Hammock Source

  • $699.99

  • Description

    Made of 7 ply American Cypress with an award winning design, this is the most renowned and imposing hammock stand ever made. Contrary to other retailers, we have applied a coat of Olympic Maximum Water Proofing Sealant and Penetrating Oil Honey Gold Formula to further enhance and protect the wood. The beams of our 7 ply stand are 3x5 while our 4 ply stand features beams of 3x3. Both feature a weight capacity of 450 lbs and the same length and width. The galvanized hardware provides superior esthetic and durability against rust versus other zinc plated items. Cypress is well known for its resistance to decay and insects making it the ideal choice for outdoor applications. It's no wonder that so many colonial homes were constructed of this material. The Roman Arc Cypress Wood hammock stand exudes hints of European architecture with a curved arc design. *Hammock and pillows not included. Ships in 3 boxes.

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