• Demeyere 11 Inch Grill Pan


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    Demeyere is located in Herentals near Antwerp in the heart of Belgium and founded in 1908. Demeyere has specialized in the production of high quality, state of the art, top-end stainless steel cookware in a wide variety of products and range.  The only producer to make cookware specifically to suit different cooking methods. Each cookware piece is designed for different technological requirement which are quite different for boiling, frying, stirring and slow cooking. Therefore, the construction of each type needs to have a different technology application. Demeyere is ideal for induction stoves, and is completely oven safe which means it can be used with gas, electric, ceramic or halogen stovetops. Other features include comfortably designed stay cool cast stainless steel welded handles and the unique Silvinox surface treatment for easy maintenance. Preparing food on a metal grid or grill above a direct source of heat such as coal or a cooker is called grilling. In recent years, grilling has become very popular because it allows you to cook outdoors and also it is a fast and low-calorie method. Thanks to the Demeyere grill pan, you can now grill indoors.  Tip for grilling without oil: Preheat the pan on a high setting. After 20 tot 30 seconds, take a fork and sprinkle a few drops of water into the pan. When the drops form little balls bouncing around immediately after being sprinkled into the pan, the right temperature has been reached. At that moment, first lower the source of heat by ± 50% before putting the meat in the pan. At first, it will stick to the pan (searing of the pores), but after a while, it will loosen by itself. Then you can turn it and repeat the process.

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