• Dermaplex Shampoo ‐ 16 oz

    International Veterinary Sciences

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    Dermaplex Medicated Shampoo aids in the control of dry, flaky and irritated skin. Dermaplex freshly scented, pHbalanced formula contains special cleansers and conditioners that leave your dogs coat clean, manageable and fresh smelling. Helps Soothe Dry, Flaky, Irritated Skin Leaves Pet Smelling Fresh and Clean Directions For Use: Thoroughly wet your dogs coat with warm water. Add a sufficient amount of Dermaplex on the coat to create a lather. Work completely into the coat until saturated, ensuring contact with the skin. Leave on for 3 5 minutes, then thoroughly rinse with water. If your dog has a particularly thick coat, repeat use. Towel dry. Salicylic Acid 1.5 Vitamin A 0.1 Retinol Activity 74,000 IU/oz

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