• DermaZinc Zinc Therapy Spray Drops for Psoriasis - 4 oz (PACK OF 2)

    DermaZinc (Dermalogix)

  • $58.14

  • Description

    Have you been looking for a scalp treatment in addition to your favorite medicated shampoo to help control scaling, itching, redness and flaking throughout the day? DermaZinc Spray contains zinc pyrithione, a proven FDA OTC drug that helps control these symptoms and creates an environment hostile to bacteria and yeast on skin and scalp that try to drive discomfort. Ideal for anyone prone to seborrheic dermatitis, dandruff and psoriasis. May be used on body in addition to scalp to help improve discomfort and symptoms associated with psoriasis. DIRECTIONS: Shake well before each application. Apply to affected areas one to three times daily unless otherwise directed by your physician. Apply 1 full spray 4-6 inches from skin, per 3x3 inch area. Treatment should be continued for one week after clearance of symptoms.

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